QUESTION: I live in Colorado and want to know how much down do I need to buy a house. I know there are programs out there, but not sure which is the best one for me.
December 1, 2018
QUESTION: I am not a first time homebuyer, but I need help with a down payment. Are there any programs out there to help me?
December 1, 2018

QUESTION: I do not have enough to put down to buy a home right now. What options are out there for a middle income person who wants to buy a home?


To qualify for down payment assistance, lenders would review how much you make and what county (or area) you desire to live in to see if you can meet the guidelines for assistance.  The CHFA program will help with down payment assistance anywhere in the State.  Their income limits are $115,600 regardless of the county or household size.  That makes it possible for the majority of people to qualify.  Most down payment assistance programs will require you to have at least $1000 into the transaction, and if you qualify you can sometimes combine programs to maximize the benefits.  Most down payment assistance programs require you to take a class to qualify for their program.

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